About Jodi

About Jodi Thiele

“Jojodithiele-128di’s music has a quality that pulls you away from any worries or concerns your day has      burdened you with and transports you to a meditative, peaceful place. There are elements of  quiet calm, and then moments that awaken you like a brisk breeze or a splash from a  mountain spring. What a delightful experience!” Cedar House Sound and Mastering

I was always drawn to the piano. My mother played classical piano beautifully and I wanted  lessons from an early age. Thankfully my parents agreed and I started lessons at 5 years old,  before I could even reach the piano pedals. But I loved the lessons and quickly started to add  my own improvisations to the assigned exercises.

Like many kids in the 60’s and 70’s, I watched the Charlie Brown Peanuts specials on TV. But even more than the Vince Guaraldi jazz themes, I wanted to play what Schroeder played – Beethoven! So I grew up playing many classical composers and continued lessons through high school and college.

Discovering New Age music and the piano solos of Liz Story and George Winston took me in another direction. I loved the peace and clarity of the music, the emotion and frequent ties in with nature, and I started to merge my classical training with the New Age style. By the time I met Patrick Lee Hebert in 2002 I already had several songs written and played one for him at my first lesson. In addition to teaching me many other facets of music, Patrick brought my technique and composition skills to new levels and I quickly found myself performing with him at many concerts and events and occasionally with his piano and guitar duo, Reverie.

After several more years of writing, open mic nights, and a demo CD, it was time to head to a professional recording studio. In July 2014 I had the pleasure of spending a week at CedarHouse Recording Studio an idyllic setting in New Hampshire, along with sound engineer Gerry Putnam, Patrick and his son realizing a dream and recording my first CD, Autumn Migration.