The excitement of recording my first CD…

2014 was an exciting year! My long time friend and mentor, Patrick Lee Hebert (musician and composer) had always worked with Cedar House Sound and Recording and when I first entered their studio in March of 2014, magic began to happen. I’ve always enjoyed composing, performing, and inspiring others with my compositions, but bringing all these things together and actually recording the music was an amazing experience. Maybe it was the beautiful surroundings in the mountains, or the Steinway that played like silk… but I was so comfortable and found recording to be a lot of fun. Along the way I learned a lot about what really goes into getting the perfect sound and “feel” for a CD. Then there was editing, track sequencing, and numerous details… not to mention artwork for the CD, production, and more. The CD was released in November and it’s just an indescribable feeling to see and hear the finished product. Enjoy!


Upcoming album release!

This July 19, Patrick Lee Hebert and his son Patrick Lee Hebert II are recording new albums at CedarHouse Sound. Patrick Lee Hebert II is going to be releasing a few singles for his demo album. Patrick Sr. is recording his 8th album Laments, Dreams, and Visions.

While Patrick is here, I will be mixing and mastering my own album that I’ve been recording the past few weeks, Autumn Migration ( still deciding on the name! MAY CHANGE )

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